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North Star District 2006 Picture Archive
for pictures of past 2006 District events

Below are pictures of past District events.

2006 District Award of Merit

Pictured above: Bill Cowley, Linda Cooper, Gary Steyer, Robert Welp, Mark Price, Sr., Sue Lindstrom; also not pictured: Carol Casolari

2006 Silver Beaver Recipient

2006 Silver Beaver Recipents

Congratulations to North Star's Mr. Mark Wilbur! He received his well-deserved Silver Beaver Award at the Council Dinner held on Wednesday May 31. Pictures of that evening can be seen here.

Fall Encampment A Success

This weekends Fall Encampment was a success. Thanks to everyone who helped make this a success. We have posted A few pictures for you to see. To see more Pictures please Click Here.
Fall Encampment Fall Encampment Fall Encampment

100% Camp Promotions for the Spring 2006 drive

Ben Kremer, North Star Camp Promotions Chairman, would like to thank everyone involved in the Camp Promotions program for their dedicated assistance and stellar performance. Without all of you, this grand achievement would have never been possible. Congratulatioins North Star, this achievement is rarely ever attained by a District.

Outsanding Arrowman Recipients

On Febuary 12 at the North Star Banquet, seven Scouts and Scouters recieved the Outstanding Arrowman Award. This award is given to a small hanful of Scouts and Scouters every year who humbly display loyal brotherhood and live cheerful service. Congratulations to the new 2006 Outstanding Arrowmen!
They are pictured above: (from left to right) Mr. Kurt Richter, Mr. Dave Wahlbrink, Joe Burkard, Jamie Lafikes, Ted Kremer, Zach Robinson, not pictured: Brian Peters

Russ Bresnahan Elected Central Region Chief

New years eve was an end for most and time to remeber, but for North Star's Russ Bresnahan it was only the beginning. Having been elected the Central Region Cheif of the OA, Russ Bresnahan is beginning a new journey on his Scouting trail, one that few from the North Star District or even the Shawnee Lodge ever get to. Russ is an Eagle Scout from Troop 229, who was elected Section Cheif at the Section Conclave in Semptember of last year. We wish Russ the best of luck in his new position and congratulate him on his great achievement.

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